16mm Multi-Screen Film Performance Pieces 
1994 - 2000

Soundtracks on audiotape. 
All original film except where noted.

Motion Pictures #1, 1994   - 16 screens,  8 minutes. 
An endless progression of things, BIG and small. Micro-animation. 
Sound by Victor Faccinto.

Motion Pictures #2, 1994  -  16 screens,  10 minutes.
An interaction of film loops and film reels. Mixes both real and animated time to explore scale and figures in motion. Sound by Victor Faccinto.

Hear the Noise, 1996 - 16 screens, 10 minutes. 
A search to capture the sense of peace that sometimes results from surrender to chaos. 
Sound by Victor Faccinto.

Twirl, 1996  -  16 screens, 10 minutes. 
Multiple revolving figures filmed with a handmade, 
ceiling mounted motorized revolving tripod. 
Sound by Victor Faccinto

Frames from: Twirl, 1996
Film Frames, 1996  -  16 screens, 9 minutes. 
Micro re-photography of both found film and original footage interweave women with war.
Sound by Rhan Small and Victor Faccinto.

Progress, 1996-2000  -  16 screens,  11 minutes. 
9 separate loops used in a fast paced, psycho-visual 
reaction to our ever changing world.
Sound by Victor Faccinto

Body Parts, 1998  -  16 screens, 14 minutes. 
11 separate and continuously changing loops visually 
evolve parts of live bodies into a unified conclusion.
Sound by Rhan Small and Victor Faccinto

Fast Reel, 1999-2000  -  16 screens,  18 minutes. 
Includes a 10 minute reel of back-to-back film loops and a central video projection during this vicious and relentless linear race into Hell. 
Sound by Rhan Small.


Performance still from: Film Frames, 1996
Samples of 16mm film loop frames used in  performances