Victor Faccinto
16mm Multi-Screen Projector Performance
In 1994 I discovered that a single 16mm projector and two beam splitting mirrors could produce four projected images. Although not a complicated technique, this discovery opened up vast new visual territory that allowed me to create work that can only exist in this interactive multi-screen format. Over the last five years I have created eight multi-screen performance pieces. 
What is a Multi-Screen Projection?
A Multi-Screen, Motion Picture Performance includes up to 16 simultaneous 16mm film projections, a five projector installation, and the artistís live manipulations of these interactive projections. Together they combine to create a three dimensional visual experience in continuous motion.
Two beam splitting mirrors are placed in front of each projector lens. This allows four film images to be projected by a single projector. As the performance develops, multiple film loops, short film reels, and central video projections are added and removed, and the position of the mirrors altered. These changes within the visual formation of the 16 projected images require the viewer to continually redefine their viewing experience.
Unlike painting and sculpture, which may be viewed at any time, or film and video, which may be pre-screened and reviewed, this is a unique media without an established exhibition network in place. It exists only while it is being performed. 
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List and Description of Performance Pieces
Multi-screen Projection Performances

The Millennium, NYC, 1996
Full Sail Center for Recording Arts, Orlando, Florida, 1998
Cleveland Performance Art Festival, Cleveland, Ohio, 1998
Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, 1999
Madison Art Center, Wisconsin Film Festival program, 2000

Scheduled performances

New Nothing Cinema
San Francisco, CA. - November 30, 2000
Co-sponsored by San Francisco Cinematheque

University of Tennessee, Ewing Gallery of Art, Knoxville - 2001